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I Want to Stop Smoking...So Help Me God!

A Christian Based Approach to Use When Quitting

Judy Murphy Simpson

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The purpose of I WANT TO QUIT SMOKING, SO HELP ME GOD, is to assist smokers using a Christian-based approach. Judy Murphy Simpson, having worked with thousands of smokers, has found that including Christian principles and concepts into the quitting process greatly increases a smoker's opportunity for success. Key messages in the book include: Letting go of past failures Accepting responsibility Developing a positive attitude The vast majority of smokers are physically, mentally and emotionally addicted to cigarettes. They feel better when they have a cigarette. But, nicotine is like a slap in the face. The "hit" that relieves their discomfort quickly loses its short-lived effects. Then the smoker feels let down or tired. Yet smokers often convince themselves that they are never alone, if they have their cigarettes: their little buddy, pal, best friend who is always there to provide comfort and a pick-up. But deep down, most smokers acknowledge the truth: cigarettes are really their worst enemy. What do you have to lose by reading this book?