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Discover God's Blessings

John A. Hash, Robbi Cary

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The Bible is God's provision for us to know Him, grow in faith, and live well and fully-but do you struggle to read it? There are many great and helpful books, but none can replace knowing God's Word.

This plan will help you:

·        Read the Bible every day.

·        Grow in faith and learn about God, His love, and provisions.

·        Look forward to your time spent with God.

·        See Christ revealed in fresh ways throughout the Old Testament.

·        Read the Bible straight through in a year.

Start reading the Bible today. Walk with God daily, and discover His blessings.

This effective, classic guide was originally published as The Best of Bible Path­way, by Dr. John Hash (1993 edition). Bible Pathway's publications are the world's most widely read through-the-Bible reading plan, and have been recommended by top denominational leaders worldwide. More than 90 million copies have gone into 186 nations and 35 languages since 1974.

Because this straightforward and authoritative book has been so instrumen­tal in Robbi Cary's spiritual walk and growth, and because she is an author and publisher, she received permission from Dr. John Hash to update and bring this edition back to print. This volume includes added materials and expanded Bible-book introductions.

Robbi Cary is a wife, mother, and grandmother, who lives on a ranch in south­west Florida. She is the author of a delightful full-color gift book, No Matter What, It's a Good Day When, and co-authored the memoir, Conspiracy of Grace: A Wild Tale of Transformation, with Dale Fiegland. Her website is





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