Whose Life Are You Living?: Discovering the Wisdom to Walk in Freedom

Chidi Jacob

ca. 17,80
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Discovering the Wisdom to Walk in FreedomThis truth is self evident: among the six billion living in this world, every individual is uniquely endowed. But the pressure to conform, the need to survive, and the crave for acceptance make some to be out of tune with who they are and what they are made to be. This should not be; thus, the onus is on us to discover our real self and then start living a life of significance. Whichever phase you are in life's journey, Whose Life are You Living? will guide you on how to take a good inventory of your life. This will help you to make necessary adjustments and then begin to walk on the right path that will leave lasting footprints, so that others may be inspired by your life. In this book, you will learn: How to gain freedom from imposed limitations and superficial customs. How to locate your place of Relevance and to leave an enduring legacy. How to identify and maximize your gifts and talents. The fundamental truths about the Christian lifeAnd much more!

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