Man Who Was Walter Mitty

The Life and Work of James Thurber

Thomas Fensch

ca. 19,78
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This book offers new insights into James Thurber, the man who has been called "e;America's Twentieth Century Mark Twain."e; The book places Thurber in the context of his early years in Ohio -- his highly dysfunctional family, his curious relatives -- his memory -- which evolved into his fictional world of "e;confusion, eccentricity and chaos."e; "e;The Man Who Was Walter Mitty"e; shows how his world was leavened by both humor and tragedy -- how his world was shaped by total blindness when he was at the height of his fame. It examines Thurber himself as Walter Mitty-- a remarkably timid, day-dreaming man , forever harassed, oppressed and conquered by Thurber women. Only Thurber's dog drawings looked at life with aplomb and sanity. Part of a 3-book series: "e;The Man Who ..."e; : "e;The Man Who Was Dr. Seuss"e; (Theodor Geisel); "e; The Man Who Was Walter Mitty "e;(Thurber); "e;The Man Who Changed His Skin"e; (John Howard Griffin).

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