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Loving Blake

Tomara Jones

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When quirky, handsome, legal aid attorney, Benjamin Dalton, literally trips over the woman of his dreams ... his life changes forever. Blake Redwood, CEO of La Rouge Cosmetics, is not too enthusiastic about being the recipient of his clumsiness. Stumbling into her life ignites a passion neither of them can deny. Yet, romance and relationships for Blake come with strict guidelines of obedience. While Benjamin believes he can play the role Blake demands of him, he realizes a life with her isn't everything he thought it would be. Soon, the flaws of her dominating universe shine as he starts to work closely with a beautiful new colleague, Nina. Lust, lies, and secrets are revealed while they deal with vandalized cars, psychotic ex-boyfriends, and MURDER. Chaos ensues as Benjamin sinks deep into the quicksand of Blake's life. And when Nina finally divulges her true intentions, will he be able to break free of the constraints or continue on ... Loving Blake