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Elizabeth Kidder

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Evelyn is a middle daughter of a prominent family, graced with beauty, riches, and anything else she desires. All she wants to is to join society like her elder sister, Giselle, but she is outshined by her younger sister, Rosalind. Then, tragedy strikes, and the family is exiled to the country. Struggling to keep the family afloat, Evelyn longs for more than survival, to run away and have an adventure. When her father stumbles upon an enchanted castle in the Wood, and the monstrous creature who lives there, offering him a rose at a terrible price, it looks as though her chance has come. But Rosalind accepts this deal instead, seemingly taking Evelyn's dreams of escape with her. Then, one day in the Wood, she comes upon something wild, and sets off on her own quest to save a beast. Experience a retelling of a classic fairy tale told from two new perspectives, a tale of love, sacrifice, enchantment, and what it truly means to be human.

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