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Across a Jade Sea Vol. 3

Fealty's Shore

L. Shelby

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A foreign figurehead in a troubled nation Batiya insists on accompanying the man she loves to his homeland on the opposite side of a very wide ocean, knowing that she will neither be welcomed by his family, or accepted by his countrymen. But she didn't expect to find herself the focus of revolutionary elements opposed to the emperor's progressive programs‚ policies inspired by her own country's industrial successes. Now she must demonstrate intelligence, humanity, and durability as a living symbol of all her country has to offer—without becoming the victim of a political assassination in the process.



strong female protagonist, female engineer, cross-cultural, steam ships, insurrection, dieselpunk, adventure, Edwardian, action, fantasy, 1920s, no magic, diversity