Edda Tassi

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


How much to tell the truth? When it's the right time to tell the truth? The price is very expensive, the time very long. If someone is lucky, he remains alive until his dreams becoming in color.

If free from the flatteries of the power, from the desire of fame, the artist always tells the truth, even he should not speak out of prudence, in silence, in his own way.

It's a triumph, an immense joy, when he sees his fantasies become reality and the old torturers destroyed forever, at least for a lifetime.

Away from the clamor, the most happy artist dances. He already knew everything, but he's so happy not for a stupid revenge, he's proud of his work about the truth.

Music, poetry, painting or whatever it is, a work of art is the easiest key of interpretation about the future.

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