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When life feels messy

Daily inspiration for soothing the soul and calming the heart

Kartya Wunderle

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Out of the ashes and into the new, a baby phoenix arises to begin life again. She takes all the lessons from the past, and turns them into wisdom for the future, teaching others all that she knows. While finding her purpose, she'll spread light and love to all. Standing tall in her power, softening at will, judging no one, she gives compassion and love to strangers. Rising to new challenges she knows what to do; she turns to God to heal. Rising from the ashes to give all she's got, this time she'll know what not to do.

Adopted as a tiny baby from Taiwan, Kartya Wunderle grew up not knowing her biological family. The impact left her struggling with negative feelings of loss and abandonment, which resulted in destructive relationships and drug addiction. Breaking out of a destructive relationship and raising her two children as a single mother was a catalyst that kickstarted Kartya's healing, as was a reunion with her birth mother. Today Kartya lives in Queensland, Australia with her two teenage children. She is thriving as a personal trainer, where she motivates and helps others achieve their dreams. An integral part of Kartya's healing process was to acknowledge and release her feelings by writing. Her positive messages have helped many people worldwide navigate their own challenging journey, and successfully create a more contented and happy life.

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Gratitude, Healing, Determination, Abandonment, Forgiveness, Faith, Love, Courage, Positivity, Change