Messages From The Spirit Realm

A Channelled Book

June Redfearne

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Some of the topics in this book may seem controversial to a few readers, but it is simply written in terms that we can all understand. The purpose of this information is to take away any burden or guilt a person may feel over the death of a loved one, and know it is ordained and chosen by the passed over person. Furthermore, it touches on heartfelt topics such as Suicide, Abortion, Murder, Greed, Fear of Death Losing Children and many others ... whilst explaining the process of why this happens. This book will highlight that help is available from your Spirit Guides and Angels, simply for the asking. Earth Angels are here to help and support us in our time of need. All the Spirit Beings ask of us is that we calm our minds, open our hearts and be kind and forgiving towards our fellow man.