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The Reign of the Robots has Begun

Patrick J. Jones

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Belletristik / Briefe, Tagebücher


Out of a violent future, the Sentinels are born; a new breed of killing machine, devoid of fear, compassion and mercy — Earth’s first deadly artificial intelligence. Led by renegade berserker Dan Mendez and his band of savage marauders, the gleaming robot horde is unleashed upon an alien planet and its unsuspecting civilisation. Crashlanding in their destructive wake Lieutenant Merabah finds herself marooned on a primitive world facing terrible odds when out of the mysterious jungle an old friend emerges in the form of Corporal Jim Burns. But as they face a wild destiny together, she soon discovers he is not what he seems. From the desolate Earth to the rain-soaked jungles of an uncharted planet, comes Sentinels, a rip-roaring adventure brimming with mystery, romance, betrayal, greed, and raging vengeance.

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dystopian, Robots, Science fiction, sci-fi