Angel Brings Fire Book 1 : Angel of Mailankh

Marcus Shields

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Belletristik / Science Fiction


Angel of MailankhBook 1 (first volume) of The Angel Brings Fire seriesEarth's second manned expedition to Mars is looking forward to a historic expedition of science and exploration. However, the enthusiasm of Commander Sam Jacobson's five-person crew is about to be severely tested news arrives that Earth is under threat of annihilation, due to an impending collision with a comet named "e;Lucifer"e;. But the crew of the Eagle II Mars lander have a mission to complete; so, with heavy hearts, they set out to explore the surface of the Red Planet, before starting their grim return-trip to a doomed world. Little do they know that the fate of the Earth will soon rest on the slender shoulders of an enigmatic, self-doubting "e;Angel"e;, who lies asleep... and... awaits.