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To Love, Honour and Betray

Book 2 in the Belleville family series

J Mary Masters

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A chance encounter. A secret from the grave. A brutal act of revenge. Ten years on and heartbreak threatens to tear the Belleville family apart as their deepest secrets are tragically exposed. Hundreds of miles from Prior Park, the grand home of the wealthy Belleville family, a tragic accident robs a young girl of her parents. As yet, this means nothing to the family, and especially not to Julia, the only daughter. Yet in New York, her long lost love Dr Philippe Duval receives an unexpected letter from his past which he cannot ignore.Julia’s brother Richard laments he can no longer hold on to his aristocratic wife Catherine Cavendish who longs to return to her life in England. Unexpected events in her family provide the perfect excuse for her to return home.It is Richard and his brother William who must face the unwelcome demands of Alistair McGovern as he presses his claim for inclusion in the family. They are determined his very existence must be kept secret from matriarch Elizabeth Belleville, now a widow. For each of them, long buried secrets from the past will begin to surface to reveal the shocking depths of the betrayals within their midst and the bitter legacy for those who remain. In a dramatic final act of revenge, Prior Park itself must pay a price as the secrets and betrayals are brutally exposed. 

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Honour and Betray, best romantic fiction, women's fiction, family saga, To Love, J Mary Masters, Prior Park