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Post-Traumatic Stress - Not a Life Sentence

(Viewing Trauma and its Effects through a Resilience Lens)

Nola Anne Hennessy

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Written to help, empower and inspire trauma survivors to take control of their health and well-being outcomes and focus on achieving a fully healed state, Post-Traumatic Stress – Not a Life Sentence brings the author’s knowledge and wisdom gained over more than 50 years since her first traumatic event, reinforced by the resilience Iessons she’s learned and applied.The human impact of traumatic events, the importance of effective rehabilitation and self-control, and the need for addressing post-trauma symptoms in injury and prevention terms are all brought to the reader’s attention. Post-Traumatic Stress – Not a Life Sentence advocates for trauma survivors to move away from viewing trauma recovery through a mental health lens. Instead, when trauma recovery is viewed through a resilience lens, where human physiology and the body’s innate ability to heal itself is fully acknowledged, this encourages not only recovery and healing after trauma but a greater level of awareness and Self-Intelligence. The reader is provided powerful information written specifically to engender a spirit of endurance and commitment, and also enable them to reflect and apply their own context when making decisions about their post-trauma path.Where this book reinforces that complete healing from post-trauma or post-traumatic stress symptoms can be achieved, especially through choosing a path of recovery, repair, resilience and empowerment, it also reinforces that a change in thinking to the positive, and visualizing a ‘best-case’ result, automatically empowers those who’ve endured trauma to realize more positive outcomes than they may have previously seen as possible.About the Author:Nola Anne Hennessy is a successful and insightful multi-award-winning, international business woman and author, and a qualified former rehabilitation specialist. Nola is also the recipient of an Australian Federal Government award for best-practice health and safety, and holds tertiary and post-graduate qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy, human behaviors and a range of remedial therapies.One of Rotary International’s Inspirational Women 2011 and the USA’s Women of Impact 2014, Nola rose from a childhood of severe constraints, enduring multiple traumas during her formative and teenage years. She became a senior manager at age 16, a senior leader at age 19, and has three times risen to the top of her chosen profession, despite living through further traumatic events in those early decades of adulthood. Nola is globally recognized for delivering outstanding results against the strongest adversity, and remains enduring in her passion to teach and inspire others to live lives of positivity, compassion and love.Since 2010 Nola has led Serenidad Consulting® in its strategic intent to facilitate positive relationships and global peace outcomes, and remains committed to educating and supporting the full healing of people impacted by trauma.

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