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The IronCroc does Busso

Steven Crenfeldt

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It’s often a tough day in the offi ce for many professional triathletes, but they always have time for a smile and a wave to the fans on the side-lines, especially during the run leg. Here’s what a few Croc-stars have to say about their favourite reptilian supporter:
Kate Bevilaqua- Winner of Ultraman520 Canada 2015. As a previous winner of Ironman Western Australia, the supporters in Busselton are among the best in the world! There’s always entertainment on the course and with fans like The Croc cheering me on, I’m racing happy and smiling all day!
Guy Crawford- Winner of Ironman 70.3 Taiwan 2015. Racing in Busselton is like a second home to me. The Croc is always a highlight and always delivers a surprise on race day! He’s the most energetic supporter on race day! And how good does he look in green!
Mareen Hufe- 2nd place at Ironman Western Australia 2014. The tuff-love and encouragement from The Croc is just what I need to help me get closer to the fi nish line. It’s just a shame he doesn’t have the same energy during our training rides!
Matty White- 2nd place at Ironman Western Australia 2011. I love racing in Western Australia and seeing The Croc at each race. He generally appears when I am at a point in the race where I am hurting the most, need some distraction and something to keep my mind off the pain. Plus, the A Long Ride Back story is inspiring and it’s great to see Steve out there supporting others.
Meredith Brook Kessler- Winner of Ironman New Zealand 2012 - 2015. There is something really special and profound about The Croc at Ironman New Zealand. There is such a thrill when seeing him, especially on the run course. His excitement and positive energy is as vibrant and motivating on lap 1 of the run as it is on lap 3 where we are all slowly starting to fall apart. The Croc can easily lift spirits, raise moods and captivate hearts! It’s worth the 5 seconds it takes to stop mid-race and give him a quick hug!



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