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Clare Griffin

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


For readers of Natasha Lester and Kate Quinn, comes an exciting new voice to historical fiction. 

They will fly and die for their country, but will be forgotten from the pages of history...

Hollywood, 1943 

Rosamund Winter is the darling of the Warner Brothers lot and has worked hard to get there. But now that the US is at war she wants to do more than serve food to soldiers. When she is invited to become a WASP she jumps at the chance to serve her country and use her skills as a pilot. But then Rosamund breaks the rules and falls in love, and when her plane goes missing in the darkness of war everyone asks, what happened to Rosamund Winter?

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female pilots, romance, aviation, women airforce service pilots, Howard Hughes, golden age Hollywood, historical fiction