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Millie or Lily?

M J Wright

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


What if your whole life was always on display?  Lily la Croix is a world famous Author at 19.  She's feeling burnt out and she's got to finish one last book for her current contract while pretending to be a college student. Who is she really? Millie or Lily?

Josh Patterson sees the world differently through the lens of his camera.  Taking on the care of a student teacher no one has ever heard of is as far from his mind as surviving his business classes.  With family drama following him around he won't put her life in danger.  Until one day he thunderstorm will change everything.  He's thrust into her world.  One of deadlines, stalker paparazzi and crazy fans.  Is what they have truly love or just another photo opportunity?

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Photographer, Contemporary, Author, Romance, New Adult, Mystery