Fanette (Volume 1)

Uptown Conquest

Aubry Suzanne Aubry

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Belletristik / Historische Romane und Erzählungen


The Great Famine of 1845 in Ireland forced thousands of people to leave their beloved country. Many Irish immigrants chose Canada as their new home. Fanette-Uptown Conquest (volume 1) relates the story of Fionnuala, a seven year old girl, who travels in a "e;coffin ship"e; carrying her family from Ireland to Quebec City after the outbreak of the famine. Through courage and resilience, Fionnualasurvives the ordeal of the voyage but loses both her parents to typhus. Along with her sister Amanda, she is placed on a farm near Quebec City and her name is changed to Fanette. The destinies of the two sisters are intertwined in a compelling saga exploring the depths of human cruelty and solidarity. The series has sold more then 95,000 copies in Canada alone.

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