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Lemons on Venus

A Collection of Short Stories

Brad James Glenn

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Lemons on Venus contains a number of stories by author Brad Glenn. From small towns to metropolitan cities, from laboratories to overgrown cemeteries, Brad Glenn weaves humanity into these stories of contemplation and loss.

After Momma Died Carrying the Jelly Baby is a special award winning story from the BC Federation of Writers. It tells the story of a young girl and her family dealing with the loss of her mother during childbirth. Her life is turned on end when she gets visited by the unborn child, whose motivations are unclear.

The Frustrations of Family 19 tells the story of a family under extreme pressure, and they deal with their issues by pushing them down until they explode out. Tensions grow within the family, and it's affecting the children in stranger and stranger ways.

The Spirit Grove Cemetery is a sombre ghost story of a boy who loses his brother in a car accident, and their family falls apart from the tragedy. Worse still, the boy can hear his brother crying, and has to help him, and his family.

A Carnival in Dry Lands is a period piece telling the story of a small town suffering from drought, and a slick carnival saleman who comes to town selling lightning rods guarenteed to attract rain and storms. While certainly an attractive idea, some of the townsfolk start to doubt the legitimacy of the lightning rods, and await the coming of the storms.

Lemons on Venus tells the story of a young scientist who has done incredible things in her career, but is facing the hardest challenges of her life, both with her job and her love life.

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magical realism, fiction, short stories