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The Real World Monitor

Brad James Glenn

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


When Nate Crossfield, a discredited and blacklisted reporter, finds work at the only newspaper that will hire him, he’s forced to return to his home town and live in the house where he was raised by an abusive father. He also discovers that the Real World Monitor doesn’t actually report the news, but absurd stories about Bigfoot or appearances of dead celebrities. With his marriage crumbling and career in shambles, he starts encountering odd characters and strange occurrences. Joined by a group of strange outcasts ripped from the pages of bizarre tabloid magazines themselves, Nate investigates these outrageous claims, and starts to realize the stories printed in the Real World Monitor might not be as absurd as he thought.

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Brad James Glenn



Weird Fiction, Aliens, Tabloid, Fiction, Bigfoot, Science Fiction, Fantasy