True Leader

Ola Zaccheus

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


This book is surely a blessing not only to those who are presently in leadership but also to those who aspire to leadership. It is comforting to know from this book that leaders are not only born but are also made. In the chapter on Categories of Leaders, the author provides a mirror through which every leader can view himself or herself and make adjustments as necessary.The author's insight and understanding of the concept of true leadership is evidently displayed from chapter to chapter. One of the major reasons why this book is so captivating is in the expression of truth about various characters or persons that were referred to in this narrative. These characters and persons were drawn from historical, biblical, personal and contemporary examples of true leadership or otherwise. Many occupy leadership positions today. However, you are not a leader because someone called you a leader. Leadership is in action and not in name. Leaders are both born and made. This means that not everyone is born with leadership skills. Some acquire these skills as they go through life and mature. A leader is a person that motivates and inspires other people to follow him (or her) or his (or her) ideas and beliefs.This book seeks to examine the qualities a leader must possess to inspire followership. After all said and done, no one can call himself a leader if there are no followers.