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The Big Book Of Love

Loving Yourself, Dating With Love, Loving Relationships

Jo Warwick

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The Big Book Of Love offers the solution to have the one thing we all want  - LOVE towards our self, reflected in our lives & in an intimate lasting relationship thats perfect for us!

It is a guide to living abundantly and successfully with love using the Law Of Attraction. No matter whether your male or female, it is designed to help you understand how love works and remember you are love at your core. Leading you through the skills and tools to alter your thoughts, heal and let go of past wounds, and embrace your power to make practical love-based decisions for your greatest well-being and happiness, and guide you towards truly intimate, lasting relationships.

It does not talk about power plays and games, which creates more problems, fear and a lack of love. Instead offers the guidance, tools and knowledge to have and experience LOVE in abundance and daily, as the foundation for your life - the true meaning of happily ever after!

“I now feel love and give it freely; I can't explain how fantastically comfortable and enjoyable that feels. I am truly grateful to Jo for helping me.” — Jonathan

Love Psychologist Jo Warwick has since 2006 helped hundreds and thousands of men and women around the world to understand and embrace love abundantly, by using the Law of Attraction and now she’s combined her life’s work and personal experience to create The Big Book Of Love.

“Jo taught me about balance and negotiation within attracting and having a healthy relationship. About being happy within myself. Now that I nurture and care for myself first I see this reflected in my partner. What were problems and anxiety before are now new experiences and excitement for the future --I deserve them” — Mo

Interview With the Author

Q) How will this book teach about LOVE?

A) The Big Book Of Love is a culmination of my life's work on exploring the power of love and healthy, successful and trust based relationships. In that time with clients and developing for myself I have honed easy way to understand and tools for anyone to use to get in alignment with love, over and over again, everyday. 

Q) What do you mean by reflected?

A) What we see happening everyday in our personal lives is a reflection of what we think and how we feel about what we think - inner beliefs about life, love, our relationships and above all about the relationship with ourselves. We cannot change this  - this is the power of the Law of Attraction, but we can alter what we think and feel.

Q) Will this book help me to think and feel differently? 

A) In the Big Book of Love I offer how to understand the power of our emotions and see them as the way to navigate through, like a guidance system towards what is right for us and will make us truyl satisfied, happy, joyful and our abundance; what I term as the LOVE GPS and how we can learn to move towards what feels good.

Q) I have made lots of mistakes in my past and I dont trust myself, will this work for me? 

A) Yes. It doesn't matter what you've experienced up until now - we can always return to Loving ourselves and learn to how to use our guidance system to our benefit and trust in ourselves once more  - our bodies and brains are programmed towards LOVE, so given the opportunity will always realign and led the way to Love everywhere in our lives. 

Q) I have been single for a long time  - is it too late for me to find Love in a relationship?

A) It is never too late or too soon to learn about real love  - true love and expescially the secret to 'happy ever after!' and this book will show you how to attract Love and who is right for you. 

Q) Do You Coach people in Love and LOA?

A) Yes:




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