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Psychogenic Fugue

Nikki Marrone

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Psychogenic Fugue is defined as: a rare psychiatric disorder characterised by temporary amnesia for personal identity. The state can last days, months or longer and usually involves unplanned travel or wandering, and is sometimes accompanied by the establishment of a new identity. Bewildered Wandering is the perfect way to describe my teenage years and early twenties. All the poems in this collection were born from the many growing pains of discovering my identity, adolescence and all the obstacles that come with growing up. 

Nikki Marrone is a spoken word performer, published poet, photographer and wearer of many hats. She is motivated through feelings, of which she has plenty. When she's not wandering around the world or documenting her adventures, she splits her time between motherhood, learning, performing, creating and starving as an artist.

Nikki is the winner of multiple poetry slams and has featured at various spoken word nights and festivals internationally but is based in the UK. She has been involved in running some great projects such as Hammer & Tongue Cambridge, Wild Strawberries Festival Stage, Point Positive Publishing and Allographic. In 2016, she co-founded the In Other Words Festival and published her first anthology of local poets. She has had some great opportunities over the years but the most notable to mention would be: Architects of Our Republic - a project commissioned by Apples & Snakes, Walking with Women - a project commissioned by Hollie McNish, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute exhibition and anthology, and an exhibition with Cambridge Festival of Ideas. She has performed for Soapbox Presents, Apples & Snakes, CB1 Poetry, Fen Speak and many others. She has most recently been published by Indie Blue Publishing, Animal Heart Press, Poems for Peace, Shades of Pride and Highveld Poetry Review. In 2020, she published the photographic novel Honey & Lemon.

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