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Whitehorse Peak

P G Badzey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


On the borderlands of the kingdom of Deran, a young scout fights off an attack by goblin raiders and stumbles across the scene of a massacre. Swearing to bring justice for the slain and driven by a family secret, Dar Cabot strikes out into the Wilderness with a band of allies. Together, they uncover the plans of the shadowy Ja’al cult and its inhuman lackeys, who seek a secret weapon hidden near Whitehorse Peak. Dogged by an ancient prophecy that seems to call them out by name, Dar and his companions discover friendship, romance and startling revelations as they race against time to find the secret before the Ja’al. As they fight their way through the dark caverns and green woodlands of the frontier, they are repeatedly forced to choose between Light and Darkness, love and hate, friendship and isolation. Their final confrontations with evil test their resolve to the limit.

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Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Christian, Epic, Adventure, Magic