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Angels and Thieves

Raine Baushke

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Angels and Thieves is the third book in the André Gensonné series.

On Christmas morning, the prematurely born infant of a prominent Parisian couple disappears from the hospital hours after birth.

Numb and terrified, Parisian attorney André Gensonné and his wife Anne desperately search for answers in the mysterious events leading to the abduction. Minutes matter.

Friend and colleague, Michel la Roche, had warned André that winged baby angels were haunting his dreams. According to Michel, Raphael’s putti had escaped from the Sistine Madonna painting with a message. Only a fool could believe that nonsense.


André Gensonné is an art crime attorney with connections to the upper echelons of the French art world, and the last few months have been turbulent. Paris has undergone two terrorist attacks:  the Charlie Hebdo shooting in January, and the November thirteenth attacks. Anything can happen, leading André to obsess over Anne’s safety, and Michel to warn him of bad karma.

And connections to the sixteenth-century painter Raphael accumulate as André and Michel unravel another art mystery.

Will Anne and André’s baby be found alive?

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wealthy protagonist, food and wine, Donna Leon, Paris and France, Raphael paintings, mystery with romance at its heart, art mystery