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Death Stole My Ride

Randall J Funk

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


When Joe Davis, humor blogger and low-grade Twin Cities celebrity, inherits an old beater car from a senile relative, he entrusts his friend Lars to sell off the unwanted vehicle. 

Turns out his trust is misplaced.

Lars loans the car to Joe’s cousin, Micky, who uses it as the getaway vehicle in a botched robbery. Now, Micky’s disappeared with the money (and the car) and both the cops and the crooks are after him. And Joe to boot. When the crooks who attempted the robbery start turning up dead, Joe worries about his safety…and Micky’s. To set things right, Joe has to find the car, the cash and the cousin…before the cops and the crooks find him. It leads Joe and his friends down a rabbit hole of corrupt cops, conniving molls, clueless goons and shady characters. Can Joe save Micky and himself before it all comes crashing down?

So much nonsense for such a sensible vehicle.

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