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A Novel

James Faber

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Set before the events of “Extinction” the Novel, Carina Alexander grows tired of the small town life and decides to run away from home for a short while. She doesn’t care where she will go but all she wants to do is to find hope. Along the way, Carina meets more people, and soon, she will have to learn in order to dedicate herself to defeat the enemy, yet also discovers herself in a new way that might change the world forever. But, there is just something wrong with everything. Carina must explore different places in order to see what’s wrong. Carina must guide herself in order to see if everything is worth fighting for. Then, in the middle of everything, Carina learns something is wrong, and must go to war with an unknown enemy. “Revelation” A Novel is filled with chaos, war, destruction, and an unimagined love interest that makes everything feel better. Was everything part of an evil conspiracy in order to prove a point or was it just something that resulted in bad tensions between meddling countries? Find out more in “Revelation” A Novel. 

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Government Surveillance, Military, Female Protagonist, Apocalypse, Dystopia, War, World War 2