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Design Thinking

The Key to Enterprise Agility, Innovation, and Sustainability

David West, Rebecca Rikner

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Informatik, EDV


This is a book for Business, IT, and Design professionals responsible for assisting their organizations in the adoption and leveraging a design approach for innovation strategy and organizational transformation.The influence and scope of Design Thinking is expandingrapidly. Numerous organizations are appointing Chief Design Officers (CDO) to lead innovation efforts and effect internal “design cultures.” Corporations like SAP, PepsiCo, and Microsoft are using design thinking to transform their feature-centric development cultures into user-centric ones. Accenture and McKinsey, among other global business consultancies have established design agencies to serve growing customer needs. Successful startups like AirBnB are establishing organizational cultures grounded in Design Thinking.Design Thinking is an essential foundation for organizations dedicated to goals of innovation, adaptability, agility, and sustainability.This book presents Design Thinking as a worldview that supports alternative ways of thinking about complex problems and their solution. Origins and applications of this worldview are provided in order to ensure a solid foundation for understanding and leveraging Design Thinking.The second part of the book presents practical perspectives, principles, concepts, practices, and evaluation techniques in the form of 23 patterns. Each pattern is a focused discussion of one aspect of Design Thinking. The patterns are intended to supply tools to provide the means to accomplish organizational design objectives.

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creativity, applied design, business, software, design theory, information technology, complexity