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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


The exciting #1 Fantasy Comic series on Canvas Line Webtoons is finally in-stores!!!
For millennia, men and dragons have warred. To either race, the other proves a plague, as poorly understood. Can orphan Juka, under the wing-upon the back-of Lyth, make peace? He'll have to if he hopes to save his friend and skirt destruction.


Glacias, a sanctuary, representing coexistence...

Still the dream of one young man who hopes to render change.

Juka is an orphan. Raised by a dragon and sheltered from human society, he’s committed to creating a city where both species can live at peace. Together with his dragon, Lyth, he sets out on an incredible adventure...very soon to understand the danger involved in trying to open minds that long have been shut.

Furthermore, he’ll face much bigger problems than simple prejudice.

While attempting to teach others that peace is possible, Juka must also evade the Dragon Hunters, whose vow to protect mankind is a pretext for their true motive: obtaining elemental weapons and, with them, power-absolute—enough to seed an age of darkness, dousing the dragon’s flame.    

Can cyclic war be broken by a boy who dares to wish for more? His life, his friend and world depend on ultimate success.  

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