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Small Moccasin Tracks

Memories of an Alaskan Mountain Family

Hilda Luster-Lindner

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Small Moccasin Tracks is the first book of memories from Hilda Luster-Lindner of growing up in Alaska during and after Territorial Days.  John Luster, the famous hunting guide and mountain man, was Hilda's father.  Her mother, Lillie, lived primarily alone in the wilderness, giving birth to most of her children in very primitive conditions, some under trees, and raised them in the wilds of the Last Frontier. Through hardships and tragedy, blizzards and summer flooding, the Luster family lived in the great outdoors or in small trapper cabins, surviving on what was gathered from the land. Even in the hardest of times, they found love and happiness. Learn their secret as you journey back in time to a simpler life, wild and rugged where each day was a battle for survival.

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John Luster, Small Moccasin Tracks, Hunting, Territorial Days, Alaska, Memoir, Mountain