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The Mermuring Maiden

Michele Lamar Richards

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Belletristik / Fantastische Literatur


When an African prince returns from studying overseas so do his fears of returning to his traditional communal life, however when he escapes the villager’s concerned looks by going fishing, he meets a lost sea goddess wearing his dead mother’s ring and their compassion for one another creates a child. Furious with his son, the king decides to make him guardian of not only his bi-elemental child, but the other child born of no one’s womb living in their village, an orphaned nomadic boy. Playing on the community’s fear, the medicine man seizes the opportunity to restore the shaman as leader and avenge creation itself by summoning the old ancestors to take control of all lifeforms on the planet, but those in the sea come forward to help their granddaughter born of water and earth thus initiating the foretold War of Binary Opposition.Will the prophecy of the bi-elemental children’s ability to restore balance come to be or will the mutant gene replace the next generation? The Mermuring Maiden is the sweetly innocent beginning of the Maiden Trilogy that exposes the unnatural manipulation of all life on Earth.