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Am I a Racist? Some Private Conversations Gone Viral

Kurt Tyler

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Many would agree there are some difficult challenges to face when attempting to engage in discussions about racism or racist practices.  The first centers on the need to control your emotions when engaged in a discussion that includes, those who engage in racist practices, and those who are the targets of racist practices.  The second centers around the challenge for participants to be totally honest and not deflective when they are defending perspectives or responding to concerns that are raised.   Faced with these challenges, we often are confronted with systemic avoidance of engaging in truthful face-to-face conversations.  However, there continues to be private conversations taking place that allow individuals the comfort to speak their minds while being brutally honest.This book provides you a seat at the table.  Allowing you to be in the middle of a number of private conversations about racism that are now being discussed by an increasing number of people.  In addition to actual experiences and pertinent research shared, there are a number of questions raised that shed light on some perspectives normally undisclosed in public, by individuals of different races, who are regularly engaging in private conversations among their selves.You will be presented with objective and subjective perspectives, some fears and motivations, plans for change and plans from the past, all mixed together in one dish being served at the table.This is what people are saying, in private.



Implicit Bias, Discrimination, Ethnic Studies, Fear, Prejudice, Racism