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Building Light

Michaela Belmont

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Experience an ego-shattering catharsis of spiritual awakening in Building Light. This poetry collection starts with the destruction of the old self, comprised of insecurities and walls built up in response to previous trauma and pain. From the rubble a voice intertwined with tones of both disillusionment and hope soon finds sure footing and begins the climb upward, into a new life and a more authentic identity.

In Building Light anything is possible, from the darkest caves where ancient monsters lurk to watercolor skies bursting into the blinding light. It is all here, between piercing moments of clarity and obscure ventures across the dreamscapes. Bleeding trees and possessed queens, juxtaposed with intimate betrayal and the timeless lessons of self-respect and personal responsibility. It is a world in which a wooden box can command more attention than a whale taking flight, and where a loved one destroying a shining precious piece of you leads to you discovering that you're filled with trillions more, like countless shining stars.

At the end of this collection you will know more about agony and redemption, hopelessness and strength ... and you will know the bright, transcendent light that is there when you finally reach the summit, along with the whispering wind that pulls you in and says, You made it. You're here.

A new frontier.

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surreal, heartbreak, dreams, fantasy, healing, poetry, spirituality