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Breaking the Stillness

Jace Carlton

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Anyone who has ever longed and searched for that someone special to love and be loved by will love Breaking the Stillness because you'll feel Jace's kindred spirit.

Anyone who has ever had their heart broken will cherish Breaking the Stillness because you'll feel like Jace was right there with you, silently witnessing your pain and anguish, and then finding a way to express what was in your heart when words failed you.

Anyone who has ever felt their heart soaring because love is in their life will love Breaking the Stillness because it celebrates that kind of love!

Breaking the Stillness is a volume of only a limited amount of Jace's collected works, but these few pages speak volumes about the man as a poet, a songwriter, an author, and someone who has loved deeply, lost everything, and loved again because he never gave up hope that behind the most threatening and darkest clouds the sun and the stars were still shining.

Anyone who has ever read anything written by Jace Carlton, whether a poem, a lyric, or a romance novel, knows he writes from the heart.

Anyone who has ever met and talked with Jace knows he lives by what is in his heart. And believe me, you don't want to miss his book readings and signings! He's very entertaining!

Jace's unique way of expressing what is in his heart has won over a growing legion of fans worldwide, both young and old alike. Those who read his novel The Reunion know exactly how he can weave a story of both joy and sorrow and make you feel every bit of love and sadness interwoven throughout the story and celebrate the power of love to conquer all! Breaking the Stillness will touch your heart deeper than perhaps it has ever been touched before.

We can only hope that his words never stop because they surround us, they comfort us, they lift us, and they reassure us that someone else understands how our heart feels. Despite the darkest night we could ever possibly imagine we, too, can hope that a better and brighter day is coming ... to break the stillness.

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