How to Maximise Emotional Wellbeing and Improve Mental Health

The Essential Guide to Establishing a Whole-School Ethos

Paul Williams, Rona Tutt

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In this highly practical book, Rona Tutt and Paul Williams explore how schools and other educational settings can provide students with the right environment to support their emotional wellbeing and hence to maximise their learning potential. Encouraging collaboration between education and healthcare professionals, as well as other services, and with families, they show how to develop resilience in young people and provide them with the tools for coping with mental health issues.Based on a range of practical experiences from many different schools and practitioners, How to Maximise Emotional Wellbeing and Improve Mental Health discusses several crucial aspects of wellbeing in educational settings, including:Changing attitudes surrounding wellbeing and mental healthNurturing resilience, and its applicationCreating a healthy and constructive ethos and environmentProviding extensive case studies, and featuring insightful conversations with school leaders and other professionals, this book will be an essential resource for staff in schools, including those leading in mental health, as well as trainee teachers and anyone with a wider societal concern about mental wellbeing in young people.