Facilitating Effective Communication in School-Based Meetings

Perspectives from School Psychologists

Ashli D. Tyre, Jason R. Parkin

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


This book offers guidance for school-based professionals participating in the special education process. It provides a foundation for effective oral communication and meeting facilitation in team meetings while highlighting methods to enhance collaboration between educators and families.

School psychologists across the United States share how they structure meetings, provide examples for how to communicate educational and psychological concepts, and describe personas they present to support the meeting process. Chapters present a sequential facilitation process for school psychologist-led meetings and apply that process to problem-solving, suspicion of disability, eligibility/feedback, IEP, and manifestation determination meetings. Within each chapter, featured practitioners describe ways to address common challenges that arise. 

Aimed at graduate students and professionals, this text is a unique, example-based resource to enhance readers’ ability to facilitate and participate in the special education process.

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