Bulk and Surface Acoustic Waves

Fundamentals, Devices, and Applications

Guigen Zhang

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Mathematik


This book introduces acoustic wave theories using a reader-friendly matrix-based linear algebra approach. It will enable the reader to take advantage of software tools such as MATLAB (commercial codes) and OCTAVE (open-source codes) to gain better and deeper understanding of the underlying physics quickly. In this aspect, this text can be regarded as a practical introduction of the acoustic wave theories in an easy-to-follow linear algebra format using matrix manipulations instead of an abstract approach relying on tensor manipulations. The book also uses case studies to demonstrate how the fundamentals on acoustic waves discussed throughout the book are applied in device designs and analyses such that the connections and interdependences between the underlying sciences and the observed behavior and performances can be better appreciated by the reader. To achieve this, all problems for illustrations, examples, case studies, and device analyses are developed and solved based on the mathematical foundations laid out in the book.

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