Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

A Systems Engineering Perspective

Howard Eisner

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Innenarchitektur, Design


This book provides an overview of cost-effectiveness analysis, which is a well-known and intuitive method for defining and choosing among a set of alternatives. This book relates cost-effectiveness analysis to systems engineering to solve everyday problems at home and the office. It can also be used in technical processes, system design, and project management.Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: A Systems Engineering Perspective starts with providing an overview and background of cost-effectiveness analysis and how it's used. It then goes on to discuss cost-effectiveness concerning systems engineering and links its use to resolving military issues and problems. The book comes to an end with exploring the usage related to systems architecting, re-engineering office systems, and comparing its use to everyday life decision-making scenarios.Targeted market includes general engineers, systems engineers, process engineers, project management, scientists, technologists, mathematicians, and lawyers.

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