Supporting Autism and Social Communication Difficulties in Mainstream Schools

A Guidebook for 'The Man-Eating Sofa'

Plum Hutton

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This guidebook is designed to be used alongside the storybook The Man-Eating Sofa (for 8-12 year-olds). Written in an engaging and accessible style, chapters explore the educational, social and psychological impact of autism and social communication and interaction difficulties (SCID). Strategies are provided to help parents and practitioners recognise and support these issues in the school environment. A chapter-by-chapter exploration of The Man-Eating Sofa provides an opportunity to generate discussion and facilitate understanding of autism and SCID amongst young people and adults who might not have considered the impact of social communication difficulties upon day-to-day life.Key features include:an accessible introduction to autism and SCIDdiscussion points for use with The Man-Eating Sofa, to accompany young people's reading of the story strategies are provided to support the education, mental health and wellbeing of young people who find social communication, interaction, sensory processing and emotional regulation challenging in mainstream educational settings.This is an essential resource to help parents, teachers and professionals understand and support pupils who are autistic as well as those who find social communication a challenge in the mainstream classroom.