Controversy and Psychology

Philip Banyard

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Controversy and Psychology examines a range of areas studied in psychology which have sparked controversy, encouraging readers to think critically about the research they engage with in order to develop their own opinions by recognising biases in this discipline.Author Phil Banyard investigates the popular, mainstream subject of psychology through a critical eye, presenting a researched account of how the discipline, practice, research methods, and theories of psychology have focused on a narrow group of people and in so doing brought harm to others. The controversies addressed in the text include methods in psychology, the history and ongoing acceptance of racism in psychology, the categorisation and quantification of people, the excessive and unhelpful use of diagnostic categories, the involvement of psychologists in warfare, and finally the role of psychologists in persuasive messaging. This illuminating text explores the history of these controversies and highlights how they continue to affect the profession and its interactions with people.Controversy and Psychology is an essential read for undergraduate and pre-undergraduate students studying psychology and for anyone in related fields looking to gain a broader knowledge of the more contentious aspects of the discipline and enhance their critical thinking skills. Professionals and researchers looking to re-examine their working methods can also benefit from the book.

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