Sustainable Museum

How Museums Contribute to the Great Transformation

Christopher J. Garthe

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The Sustainable Museum is the first book to outline a coherent strategy for the direction of museums, as it relates to sustainability in the museum and heritage sector.Arguing that museums must place sustainability at the centre of all their activities, if they are to become key actors with a clear societal role, Garthe considers the issues that museums will likely face as they take on their new roles. Presenting case studies from a wide range of museums around the world, the book considers different ways of implementing sustainability in different types and sizes of institutions. Whilst the book clearly outlines the need for change, it also provides guidance about how to change. Garthe does this by considering specific concepts and approaches to sustainability in relation to the different aspects of museum operations. The book includes a hands-on manual for implementing sustainability management in a museum, whilst also considering the challenges practitioners will encounter and considering what the future of the sustainable museum might look like.The Sustainable Museum will be essential reading for museum and heritage professionals around the globe. The book will also be of interest to academics and students engaged in the study of museums, arts and cultural management, business administration, change management or sustainable development.

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