Enzymes in the Valorization of Waste

Enzymatic Pretreatment of Waste for Development of Enzyme-based Biorefinery

Pradeep Verma (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Biologie


"e;Enzymes in Valorization of waste: Enzymatic pre-treatment of waste for development of enzyme based biorefinery"e; focusses on the role of key delignifying enzymes (Laccase, MnP, LiP and LPMO's) involved in biomass pre-treatment. The role of these enzymes such as hemicellulose, chitinases, and pectinases are discussed exhaustively including enzyme assisted recovery of high value phenolic compounds and value-added compounds generated during the pre-treatment process. All chapters cover broad topics and thematic areas associated with the pre-treatment step of biorefinery including enzyme mediated water treatment and its associated applications in biofuels, biorefineries and bioconversion.Features:Highlights mechanistic approach how the enzyme being able to regulate the delignification.Discusses advantages of the enzymatic delignification over other physical and chemical methods.Illustrates role of enzymes such as pectinase and chitinases and breaking down of biomass recalcitrance due to presence of pectin and chitin.Consolidates details on de-lignifying enzymes ((Laccase, MnP, LiP and LPMO's) suitable in biomass pretreatment.Explores role of delignifying enzymes in high value phenolic compounds recovery during the enzymatic delignification.This book aims at Graduate students, Researchers and related Industry Professionals in Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Wastewater Treatment, Biotechnology, Applied Microbiology, Biomass Based Biorefinery, Biochemistry, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Development, Waste Treatment, Enzymology, Microbial Biotechnology, and Waste Valorization.

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