Unravelling The Persistence of Dollarization

The Case of Georgia

Ia Eradze

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


This volume engages with the roots, dimensions, and implications of foreign currency domination in states with a national currency. Referred to as unofficial dollarization in literature, this is a worldwide phenomenon among developing countries and has a long history.This monograph provides a political economic analysis of dollarization in Georgia and is structured around three themes: the genesis of dollarization (1991-2003), the persistence of dollarization (2003-12) and the politicization of dollarization (2012-19). The case of Georgia is especially representative of the post-socialist transition states, but also has wider applicability.A high level of dollarization is a significant barrier to economic growth, macroeconomic and political stability, functional monetary policy, as well as social welfare. The Covid-19 crisis and the increasing debt of developing countries in foreign currency exacerbate dollarization-related vulnerabilities for these economies.This book will be of interest to postgraduate students in global/comparative political economy, development economics or transition economies, researchers in monetary sovereignty, central banking, exchange rate policies, currency hierarchy, money, financialization, and policy makers in dollarized countries and global institutions.

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