First-Generation Student Experiences in Higher Education


Leanne E. Taylor, Carl E. James

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


In First-Generation Student Experiences in Higher Education: Counterstories, we meet eight students who attended university through an access program, and hear their stories of deciding to enter university, navigating and negotiating the institution, and bringing their university experiences with them into adult life. Their "e;counterstories"e;-drawn from application statements, weekly group meetings, diary entries, group conversations, interviews, and media reports-challenge the stereotypes commonly applied to marginalized students in higher education. Chapters offer insights into a range of salient themes and highlight the students' strategies, challenges, successes, and trajectories, as well as their nuanced relationships with their networks, communities, families, and significant others. With this volume, James and Taylor present a valuable resource for educators, administrators, scholars, students and community agencies interested in extending understandings of first-generation university students.

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