Business Ethics

Methods, Theories, and Application

Christian U. Becker

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Sachbuch / Philosophie: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


Business Ethics: Methods, Theories, and Application provides a new systematic approach to normative business ethics that covers the complex and various ethical challenges of modern business. It aims to train analytical thinking skills in the field of business ethics and to approach ethical issues in business in a rational and systematic way.The book develops a number of specific methods for business ethics analysis that are tailored for ethical decision-making in business and for analyzing complex ethical topics in business. The book discusses fundamental ethical questions regarding the meaning of business and the economy for the individual person, society, the environment, and people around the world.As a result, Business Ethics: Methods, Theories, and Application develops normative guidelines for business in the 21st century and its fundamental challenges and will be key reading for undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA students of business ethics, business strategy, business and society, and related fields.This second edition is fully updated to recognize the changing nature of ethics and corporate responsibility in a globalized world and includes online support material.

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