Relevance and Text-on-Screen in Audiovisual Translation

The Pragmatics of Creative Subtitling

Ryoko Sasamoto

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Fotografie, Film, Video, TV


This book examines audiovisual translation (AVT) practices that fall outside conventional AVT norms, drawing on work from relevance theory to highlight alternative perspectives and make the case for a multidisciplinary approach to AVT.The volume focuses on creative subtitling - otherwise known as 'text-on-screen' - through the lens of relevance theory, a cognitively grounded theory of communication. Sasamoto explores the ways in which a relevance theoretic approach can provide an analytical framework for a better understanding of the interaction between 'text-on-screen' and viewers' interpretation processes and, in turn, how media producers, professional or otherwise, use 'text-on-screen' to engage viewers in innovative ways. The volume looks at such forms as telop, creative text use on screen, and forms of user-generated text-on-screen.The book introduces a new dimension to work on cognative pragmatics and the wider applications of relevance theory in multimodal communication and AVT, making it of interest to scholars in these disciplines.

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