Bible and Sustainability

Bringing Biblical Passages and Practices into the Ecological Debate

John Abubakar

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


The Bible and Sustainability addresses the ecological crisis the world is facing, and what the Bible can teach us about sustainable living. Drawing on the interest in the ecological debate generated by Laudato Si, this book attempts to push the discussion beyond intellectual perspectives and help students and researchers apply biblical wisdom to the UN sustainable development goals.It begins with a discussion of what sustainability is, and how people, planet, and profit are affected by unsustainable practices, before exploring four specific biblical practices and their relationship with sustainability: Covenants, the sabbatical year, monastic communities, and the fruit of the spirit. It also discusses the creation account and personalistic nature texts, considering the social relationship that humans have with nature. Finally, it examines an Augustinian perspective on sustainability which encourages sharing, common ownership of property, and living simply. The book concludes by inviting governments, civil society organizations, and academia to bring these biblical practices and passages into the ecological debate.It is an outstanding resource for researchers of the Bible and environment, and Religion and environment more generally.

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