Caring in Crisis

Stories to Inspire and Guide School Leaders

Joseph F. Murphy, Mark A. Smylie

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Learn, reflect, and grow from 40 true stories of caring school leadership during times of crisisEach crisis brings its own issues and unique traumas, and when they happen, most leaders handle the moment by leaning into triage and logistics. This book suggests focusing on more-specifically, on the people they serve. Are you up to the task?These 40 real stories, from a wide range of schools and settings during many types of crises, show how caring school leadership adopted caring people-first strategies. This book will help you and your teams be inspired to prepare for, perhaps prevent, respond to, and recover from your own school crises. Within these pages, you will find: An introduction to what crisis and caring school leadership means Helpful lists to guide caring leadership practices A review of current crisis management literature Questions, reflection, and prompts to engage with story learningsPrepare now to be the concerned, caring, and constant leader your school will need when crises come as well as making your leadership and school more caring when those same crises subside.

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