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Timothy Mitchell

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


My name is Timothy Mitchell, the author of books: The Mat, It's The Law, The DASH. Now my current and likely my favorite. Raised by PIMPS, PLAYERS and MURDERERS.

This book is a true reflection of my life, from childhood to my teenage years. Growing up, I saw many things someone my age shouldn't have seen.

What stood out most to me, was the people who really lived their life as a PIMP, Player and Murderer. They always felt the need to sit and tell me about LIFE...


The first thing they taught me was how PIMPS, PLAYERS and MURDERERS operate.


Has mind control.



Keeps things and situations hidden.



It's all about the surprise.


This is very negative way to live life. Just think there are people living like this.


Whether you know it or not. Normal every day people has this done to them every day...


In this book you will learn how this is done to everyday normal people. It can't be stopped but it can be controlled.


Purchase this book to get more control of your LIFE!!!

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