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The Soulmate Proposal

Michaela Ryanne

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Based on Taylor Swift's Lover and Speak Now albums. "She remembered what she always knew about Ezra Michaelson- He was the definition of too much." When it comes to having one of the worst summers of her life, Ren is surprisingly optimiistic. So far, her college boyfriend broke up with her, her parents are getting a divorce and she dropped out of school: however, she just landed a book deal with a publishing company. All she wants to do is work on her novel, but her mother insists that she go home to spend quality time with her father at their vacation home in Old Saybrook, CT. She hasn't spent time there thanks to her old fling and childhood best friend Ezra Michaelson. Expecting to spend the summer awkwardly avoiding him, she is shocked to learn he has an agenda. He tells her that she is his soulmate and begs her to give him the summer to prove it. After spending months trying to find an idea for her book, she is fairly certain she just found the perfect one.

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Romance, Summer read, Summer Romance, Love story, Romantic Comedy, Friends to lovers